IoT solutions for automotive
Internet of things

IoT solutions for automotive

Using Bluetooth®-enabled OBD-2 devices, GPS and geofencing technologies, we develop and deliver Connected Cars solutions. They enable the collection of real-time and constant data about the vehicle, its location, and other details that are used to provide various business applications. Automotive IoT solutions can be a perfect blend of onboard sensors, a custom mobile app, cloud storage plus the technology used to fetch the data. It helps in IoT applications and solutions such as:

  • OBD-2 based vehicle diagnostic solution

  • Remote vehicle monitoring

  • Driving behavior monitoring & safety

Internet of things

IoT solutions for retail

By implementing IoT solutions developed by us, you can gain an edge in the retail industry. As a leading provider of IT solutions for retail businesses, we can help your business optimise supply chain management with best-in-class IoT solutions and IoT solutions development. Our proposed smart retail solutions can ensure an optimised and customer experience that enhances customer retention and loyalty.

  • Smart Retail Supply Chain Management

  • Smart Mirror for Virtual Try-on

  • Smart shelves

IoT solutions for retail
Smart home automation
Internet of things

Smart home automation

We offer the best home living and lifestyle experiences that take advantage of the applications of IoT technology in the real estate industry. Our smart home automation solutions are proven, customer centric and fully tailored to the different needs of our customers. We provide home automation solutions with Android and iOS app development to control and monitor switches, door contacts, motion and light sensors, smart thermostats, indoor security camera, smart locks, etc.

  • Waste management

  • Parking management

  • Water leakages detection

  • Run personalised schedules

Internet of things

Industrial IoT

We help enterprises and manufacturing streamline complex business processes while enhancing overall productivity with Industrial IoT applications. Our smart manufacturing and industry IoT applications can be used to share information from machine-to-machine and humans, therefore providing ultimate transparency in real-time. Also, we offer IoT applications for efficient asset tracking, supply chain, and warehouse management along with delivery solutions.

  • Complete factory automation

  • Remote monitoring & quality checks

  • Smart asset tracking solutions

Industrial IoT
Healthcare tech
Internet of things

Healthcare tech

Healthcare may be a sector that has benefited greatly from Internet of Things technology, and that we feel proud to be an element of it. We develop healthcare solutions utilising technologies like custom iOS and Android apps, AR-VR, AI-ML, wearables, etc.

IoT applications for healthcare that are compliant with HIPAA offer easy acquisition of EMR and EHR records, together with other benefits extending to healthcare agencies, professionals, and end users (patients).

  • Remote health monitoring

  • Ambulance telemetry

  • AI-ML driven health diagnosis

  • IoT for health insurance companies

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Not only do businesses desperately need quality web solutions to expand and grow their customer base. But, there are always massive digital bumps in the road which appear without a reliable agency maintaining and innovating behind the code, to keep the journey smooth. With the right professional web agency, your web solutions can grow with you, and for you.

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