Strategic test planning
Quality Assurance

Strategic test planning

Depending on the size and nature of the software development project, the number and order of activities QA may change. This depends on the scope and objectives of the work. However, the first step remains the same. Our experts QA will conduct a thorough analysis of the requirements to come up with the software testing strategy and implementation planning. The reason is to analyse the structure of the system and technologies in search of inconsistencies. This helps identify costly errors in the early stages. It happens many times that QA documentation is prepared along with the development of test plan strategies.

  • Requirement review

  • Test strategy design

  • Test execution plan

Quality Assurance

QA documentation

We believe documentation is inevitable for Zenibyte's software development lifecycle. We focus on high quality documentation which means that any team member can see the changes once any requirements or documents have been changed, added, updated or deleted. Once the requirements are defined, our team writes QA and plans test cases using tools like TestRail and Zephyr. Test cases describe the actions that QA engineers must take to ensure the functionality of the software.

  • Test cases writing

  • Test cases planning

  • Test checklist and data creation

QA documentation
Manual QA testing
Quality Assurance

Manual QA testing

We provide comprehensive software and manual testing services QA at every stage, detecting and tracing errors to ensure they are resolved before the final product is delivered. Our Quality Assurance team is experienced in testing all areas.

  • Smoke testing

  • Database testing

  • GUI testing

  • Exploratory testing

Quality Assurance

Web testing automation

Hire our Quality Assurance (QA) experts who automatically test the functionality of web applications — with unparalleled depth, precision, and speed. Our QA team will create cases and run cross-browser UI tests by simulating real user actions.

  • Smoke testing

  • Cross-browser testing

  • Integration testing

Web testing automation
Mobile app testing
Quality Assurance

Mobile app testing

Mobility is a vital part of each corporation’s strategy. regularly practical defects and terrible user experience forbid its utilisation. QA crew at Zenibyte is all geared up to address the tool complexities and cope with users’ queries by way of cell testing expertise. we have efficiently helped firms to deploy their products throughout diverse mobile gadgets to supply the seamless user experience.

  • Compatibility testing

  • User experience testing

  • Localisation testing

  • Performance testing

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Customer experience

Agency solutions

  • Business growth
  • Financial advice
  • Global solutions
Business Growth

Not only do businesses desperately need quality web solutions to expand and grow their customer base. But, there are always massive digital bumps in the road which appear without a reliable agency maintaining and innovating behind the code, to keep the journey smooth. With the right professional web agency, your web solutions can grow with you, and for you.

  • Growth

  • Quality

  • Solutions

Our approach

Our development approach is a unique blend of

Best-in-class support

We believe in absolute customer satisfaction and provide remarkable support to all our clients.

Inclusive solutions

We provide end-to-end consultancy, development and design solutions under a single roof.

Expert team

Our team consists of web developers, designers, web and mobile app developers, software engineers, QA testers and business consultants, having years of industry experience .

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We have ideas.
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